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This application is running on servers which may or may not be located in your country. Uploading documents to this application may violate your local trade control (TC) regulations. As a principle, the following categories of data must not be uploaded to this application:
  • Technology data for the Development, Production and or Use of items listed on the dual-use or military goods control lists
  • "Technical data" may take forms such as blueprints, plans, diagrams, models, formulas, tables, engineering designs and specifications, manuals and instructions
  • "Development" covers all phases prior to production, such as: design, design research, design analyses, design concepts, assembly and testing of prototypes, pilot production schemes, design data, process of transforming design data into a product, configuration design, integration design or layouts
  • "Production" covers all phases, such as: construction, production engineering, manufacture, integration, assembly (mounting), inspection, testing, modification or quality assurance.
  • "Use" means all phases such as: operation, installation (including on-site installation), maintenance, checking, repair, overhaul or refurbishing
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